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The cold, hard rain pounded the street outside the red brick home. A flash of lightning crept across the floor of the clouds revealing no other buildings in sight before a set of woods caging in the home like an animal in a zoo. The darkened windows vaguely announced that the rooms in which they looked in upon were occupied.
A breath of light soothed out of the bay window of the living room no longer concealing the storm that had been and continued to rage inside.
A passionate and rain-soaked woman sat on the front porch. Her tearstains were barely visible and blended in well with the rain that dripped down her angelic face. Her usually carefree rubies were clouded in intense thought and emotionless fear.
The black metal of the screen door screeched in disapproval as a man made his way outside and stopping only when he reached the oblivious female. “You ok?” the male inquired in concern as he sat beside her in the rain.
A silver strand of hair fell gracefully across the girl’s expressionless face as she nodded in response.
“You positive?” he pressed as he pushed a navy strand of his hair from in front of his emeralds.
“I’ll be fine,” the female cooed.
“Then why are you sitting out here in this horrible weather?”
“It’s calming to me.”
The male stood and finished his decent down the gray stone steps.
“ Where are you going?” the woman asked monotonely as her eyes remained glued to the puddle as raindrops continued to dance their way into it.
“ Maggie…I can’t stay here. You know that,” the male apologized.
“Why do I then? Do you not want me around anymore Nick?” the girl questioned herself aloud.
“God damn it all Mag! You have to stop this! Stop pretending like you are the screw up! You are not the reason he acts like that!” Nick demanded.
Maggie lifted her head slowly and gazed hopelessly at the man in front of her.
“If you want to come, you can as long as you stop blaming yourself and put a smile on that beautiful face of yours.”
“I don’t have a beautiful face, but I’ll smile anyways,” the girl grinned trying to hide away her previous thoughts in the depths of the dark parts of her mind.
“You want me to let your father know that we’re leaving?”
“Yes please.”
The male walked up the steps and reopened the squeaky screen door before heading inside.
The sound of a whip cracking made the emotionally unstable girl jump to her feet. Although she knew that it had only been the storm playing with her mind, it did not keep her fear from showing its evil head. An apparent shiver racked through her fragile body; either from the cold or from the wave of memories that had now overtaken her mind.
Memories from when she still lived in this haunting home; before Nick had moved to town and stolen her away from the nightmare.
She remembered vividly the day Nick had moved into town and began affecting her life.


The day had started out as normal. She had gotten up before her alarm went off so that she might stand a chance of leaving without waking the drunken monster that was passed out on her bedroom floor. She carefully grabbed her already picked out outfit, immediately made her way downstairs, and quickly got into the shower.
As the warm water ran over the bruises, scrapes, and cuts from last night’s brawl, she winced slightly in pain but slowly began to relax her stiff muscles and wash away the dirty feelings.
When she stepped from the glass shower, a red towel wrapped around her, she immediately clothed herself. She barely had time to do her hair before she had to dart out the door to catch the bus as it honked its horn loudly.
That’s when she first saw him. He was seated in the seat in which she had been assigned.
As she sat down, he introduced himself. “Hello. My name’s Nickolas Carpitovis, but you can call me Nick,” he had greeted politely.
“I’m Maggie Dedrits,” she responded with her practice smile. She had not known he lived within yelling distance of their house. She also did not realize then that he would be her savior.
When lunch had come along, once again she had found herself in contact with the mysterious boy. This time he seemed a little more concerned and had a serious look to him.
She had just sat down in the grassy shade where she always sat; away from the madhouse of the cafeteria.
“Maggie, right?” his voice questioned out of the blue.
The girl had been so shocked that he had approached her again that all she could do is nod as he sat down next to her.
“Did you have a party last night or something?”
Her eyes widened in fear as she shook her head. “Why do you ask?”
“Because loud music or screaming was coming from your house last night.”
Maggie stood up, but Nick quickly followed and lightly pinned her against the tree behind her. The teenager winced a little as her battle scars touched the tree.
“Who hurts you?” he demanded to know.
That’s when she had realized what he was.

She once had told a fellow student about one of the arguments. The other student in return had asked his kind to help her out. This was him?

“Why do you care?” she had snapped. She wanted to be certain on his identity.
“I can’t help if I don’t know.”
She had quickly betrayed her father as she gave up his name. “Seth; my father.”
He let go of her and scanned her over with his hypnotizing green eyes.
She felt as though he was checking her out and the feeling only increased as his playful eyes locked with her timid ones.
“Tommy never mentioned how enchanting you were,” he finally commented, “You could easily pass for a vampire if it was based on looks.”
She had been drawn to him since.

~~~~~~~~End Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~

That had been almost six years ago; her senior year. Yet she remembered every detail like it had just happened.
Another day also stood out vividly in her mind; the last day of school.

~~~~~~~~ Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~

Nick had met her at lunch by the tree.
Since she had met him, she had learned to truly smile, but today was different. Today was the last day she’d thought she see him.
They sat his arms around her waist as he sat behind her. He knew something was wrong; she knew he did.
“What’s wrong?” he whispered gently against the skin of her neck.
Having him that close to her throat still sent chills down her spine.
He must have realized this because he then grinned and ran his fangs gently against her skin.
“Stop,” she had snapped.
He gracefully moved in front of her and looked into her eyes. “Now I’m positive something is wrong.”
“Think about it Nick. Today’s the last day I’ll get to see you. After today, its back to the same old, same old except I’ll be home all day.”
He had leaned in close and whispered, “I could change you. I want to change you.”
That’s the day her life would change forever.
“Please,” she had pleaded.
Time seemed to have ceased as he moved a strand of her hair from her neck before he kissed the hallow of her throat. “You sure?”
“Uh huh.”
The pain had faded almost instantly and was replaced by a pleasurable floating sensation; an almost erotic feeling.
Just when she had thought she could fall asleep and forget the outside world, he backed up and pulled her to the base of his throat; where a cut could already be seen.
She remembered the savory taste of his blood; like a fine and well-aged wine. The rest of that day had zoomed by.

~~~~~~~ End Flashback~~~~~~~~~~

She hadn’t realized how far she had drifted into her memories until a cool hand rested on her shoulder.
“Ready?” the male asked wonder what his love had been thinking about.
She stared back lovingly at the man who had saved her life by giving her immortality. How she had survived without him still puzzled her today. “I’m ready when you are babe,” she cooed.
As they made their way to the vehicle, she took one last glance around and smiled as the smiled peeked through.
“This house was my grave, but without it... I never would have found life with Nick,” she thought as she climbed into the car.
What if
Copyrighted to me
I've decided that it is time to get back to me and what i love. my writing and working with Photoshop. i have spent far too long letting people use my kindness and willingness to please as a way to bring me down. i hope to one day find that person that wants me for me... but he or she is far from here right now.
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fem raito sakamaki from diabolik lovers by silverjade2003
fem raito sakamaki from diabolik lovers
A cosplay I'm slowly working on. have to shorten the pants a little more adn find a vest adn jacket... << >> and better shoes but it's getting there XD


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I've decided that it is time to get back to me and what i love. my writing and working with Photoshop. i have spent far too long letting people use my kindness and willingness to please as a way to bring me down. i hope to one day find that person that wants me for me... but he or she is far from here right now.
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Listening to: Shatter Me By Lindsey Sterling Feat. Izzy Hale
  • Reading: My poems
  • Watching: House, M.D.
  • Playing: Letter Writing
  • Eating: Mashed potatoes
  • Drinking: Water

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